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Polymeric Membrane Training

A few of our workers headed down to Bristol to participate in a specialised training program focused on Polymeric Membrane systems offered by IKO, a renowned provider of roofing and waterproofing solutions. During their time in Bristol, they underwent comprehensive training and gained knowledge and skills related to Polymeric Membrane systems.

The training program likely covered various aspects of Polymeric Membrane installation, including:

1. Material Knowledge

2. Installation Techniques

3. Safety Protocols

4. Maintenance and Repairs

After successfully completing the training program, our workers are now certified and approved installers of Polymeric Membrane systems provided by IKO. This certification signifies that they have met the required standards and have the expertise to install these systems effectively and efficiently. As approved installers, they can offer our clients the assurance of high-quality workmanship and the peace of mind that their roofing and waterproofing needs will be handled with expertise and professionalism. This certification is a valuable asset for our company and enhances our capability to provide high quality services in the construction and roofing industry.